Second Week in Advent

“A voice cries in the wilderness; Prepare a way for the Lord, make His paths straight.” Luke 3:4

As we come to the second week in Advent, we hear the words of the prophet Isaiah re-spoken by St John the Baptist from within the heart of the wilderness as he preaches conversion, repentance and baptism.

During the Second Week of Advent it can be scary to encounter the figure of St John the Baptist. He is the man who lives in the wilderness, wearing clothes made out of camel hair, tied with a leather belt and one who eats locusts and wild honey for his food.   He is the ‘loud speaker’ for the Lord as he is the one who comes before Christ and prepares the way for Him.  The message he preaches is the same as that which Jesus Himself also speaks at the beginning of His Ministry. “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand!”

Our theme for the Second Week of Advent is also faith.  As we journey in faith we seek to move closer to the Lord during this Holy Season let us also seek to draw closer to each other.

How are we to make way for the Lord?

At this time of year we can be so busy with all the ‘other’ Christmas preparations that our activities of shopping, card writing, decorating, socialising and visiting relatives can drown out the still small voice of God and we could easily forget the real reason for all our hustle and bustle and busyness – the Birth of Jesus, the Word Made Flesh – God with us, God becoming human.

God in His love reaches out to us and gently draws us in close to Him once again through the celebration of Advent.  The Advent wreath reminds us to pray, to pause and to reflect wherever we are and whatever activities we are involved with.  Little acts of kindness towards others and moments of quiet can all help us to ‘prepare the way of the Lord’ in our own lives.

May Our Blessed Lady Mary, the Mother of Jesus and the Mother of Mercy, pray for us.

Our prayer this week:

Lord, you come to us in the ordinary things of life, just as you revealed your heart for all people when Jesus was born into the world for us as a tiny baby.  Help us to make the changes in our daily lives to make the Christ Child welcome.  Amen

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