This week we have had feedback on the success of our Accelerated Reading Scheme. Four years ago, we were the bottom school in Worcestershire for the amount of books read by pupils and quizzes completed. Due to the whole school focus on reading, the changing of the school day to incorporate reading time, reading remaining as a compulsory homework each evening and the cross-curricular focus on reading, our results have improved dramatically. Our SATs results in reading have improved 29% in this period, with our maths and SPaG results also increasing significantly, proving that reading does make a huge difference.

In the last academic year, our average student quizzed on 27 books throughout the year, the county average was 20 books. So far this year, the average St Bede’s pupil has quizzed on 13 books, whereas the county average is 10 books per pupil. There are just over 60 schools that use Accelerated Reading in Worcestershire, last year we were responsible for 5.7% of the books that were quizzed across the county and this year so far St Bede’s is responsible for 6.7% of the books read across the county. This is a tremendous effort from our pupils – keep it up.

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