Accelerated Reading

To support parents with reading and accelerated reading whilst pupils are at home, is offering over 6000 books that children can access for free.

Not all books or articles are quizzable as this is a free version being offered due to school closure however to check If a book has a quiz, please use

To find a book that may suit you child best, click on search and use the filter to select the year group.

Many books have audio versions which will read out as your follow the pages.

This is accessible on tablets and laptops.


Click on ‘Start Reading’ link

To read a book –

* The page opens on Browse books by category & you can select & look through books this way if you wish. When you click a Category it will open up into Sub Categories. The back button (top left) allows you to scroll back.

* To find out more about a book Click on it & see Overview, then for more Details Click on the Blue i Tab to see ATOS Book Level , Points & Quiz Number (if it has a quiz).

* If it is suited to your Reading Range & you want to read it then Click the Green Book Tab (on bottom left)

* The grey arrow allows you to scroll through the pages & read the book yourself. If you want the book to be ‘read to you’ Click the arrow on the bottom left of the page. It scrolls along text as it is read so you can follow.

* If there is a word you don’t understand you can Click on the Grey Dictionary Tab (on the Right edge of the page), type the word in & Click the Magnifying Glass to see the meaning.


* To sort by Book Levels go back to Browse & Click Search (magnifying glass next to Browse button)

* Click Green A (ATOS) button

* Select starting Book Level – for example – 3

* Click on Magnifying Glass in Blue Circle next to Search box to see these books. SCROLL down to see books. You can add other filters on the Search tab (Fiction, Story Type, Audio, etc.) Click Magnifying Glass each time you alter Search to apply changes.

There are also some great News Articles (American slant in this version) on myON (5 new articles updated daily) via the News tab at the top of the page, which can be read and then a mini quiz found directly below them. On the right of the article is more media and information about the article.




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