Liddington 2020

21 Jun 2019

Two spaces have become available for the Liddington 2020 trip and they are now available on ParentPay on a first come first served basis.


21 Jun 2019

Well what a week for Athletics! After the huge success in the Super 6 event on Monday, the PE Department was on a high. Tuesday’s KS2 quads is looking to be rearranged for the w/c 1 July.However, pupils got off to a good start! On Thursday we saw the whole KS3 Athletics Team compete in the Quads athletics against Birchensale, Ridgeway and Woodrush. Our pupils, as always, did themselves proud and we managed to fill every place in all events which meant we gained as many points as possible! We saw some brilliant performances, both on the track and the field, and many of our athletes qualified for the individual district finals taking place on Friday 5 July which allows pupils to compete again this time for a chance of a medal. Overall, as a team, St Bede’s, once again, retained the district trophy, managing to hold Birchensale off who pushed us all the way! This result, yet again, is down the hard work and commitment to the athletics season of both staff, pupils and parents! Mr Stenning would like to thank everyone involved in Athletics this year!

SIMS Parent App

20 Jun 2019

Please read letter attached and download SIMS Parent App. School reports and SATs results will be on the app in prior to us breaking up in July – please ensure you have access to both SIMS Parent App & Epraise. St Bede’s Online Services for Parents – update 2018-2019

Plastic bottle caps for fundraising appeal: We would like everyone to know that we are going to start collecting plastic bottle caps. We would like to bring this into our daily routine we will make little bins for bottle caps. This will help with recycling in school and support our Eco School activities. Why do we need to collect them? We need plastic caps because it is hoped that 10 TONS of plastic bottle caps will be collected to help raise money for some treatment for a young girl who needs urgent care and support with her medical condition.  Her family are collecting so they can raise funds for the amount of weight they have with the bottle caps from the recycling plant. Why just the plastic bottle caps and not the bottles themselves? We are asking for bottle caps because the bottle caps and the plastic bottle are made of different plastics the plastic cap is made out of polypropylene and the bottle is made out of polyethylene terephthalate. The polypropylene is easier at the moment to recycle and can be exchanged for cash. So, over to you! Get collecting and help reduce, reuse, recycle! We would like it very much if each class could continue with collecting bottle caps over the next few weeks up until the Summer holidays. We will stop collecting on Friday 19th July. These can be brought into school and passed to your Form teacher, Mrs Simmons on Reception, Mrs Keggans in the Library or Miss Downes in her Office in Room 8. Thank you for your support  

Liddington 2019

18 Jun 2019

We now have a provisional list of activities for Liddington which does include a wet activity where pupils will probably end up in a lake. Since some pupils are timetabled to do this on Monday afternoon and we have no way of drying clothes, these will be very smelly by Friday. We would, therefore, highly recommend that pupils have one set of very old clothes which can be thrown away after their session. We will advise pupils on Friday at their final briefing if they are timetabled to do this activity on Monday afternoon so they can come dressed appropriately. Mr Bailey

Super 6 Athletics

18 Jun 2019

This is the week when our pupils’ hard work on the athletics field pays off, with all the district competitions taking place. On Monday, we started the week with the Super 6 team event, comprised of 12 Year 7 and 12 Year 8 pupils. Each pupil takes part in a track, field and relay event, competing to win points for their team. All our pupils were ready to go after cancellations last week and they performed brilliantly! Both our Year 7 and 8 teams finished in first place overall, which is a huge result after not winning last year. This means that both teams will go through to represent Redditch in the Worcestershire School Games on the Tuesday 2 July! Well done to James, Rio, Lewis, Riley, George, Preston, Hallie, Danni, Olivia, Julia, Eden and Poppy from Year 7 who all did brilliantly and Santos, Tom, Stan, Reuben, Fin, Tom, Lucy, Aoibhe, Carmena, Mia, Evah and Eleanor from Year 8 who really did themselves proud!

Our Prayer for this Half Term as we strive to live intentionally and prophetically. Loving Lord, We ask that You guide and keep us during this new half Term. We thank You for all the wonderful resources and gifts You have given us here in our school Community. Help us to live intentionally and treat all that we have received with care and consideration. May we treasure each other and respect all those whose lives we touch with our own. We ask that we may live prophetically, as witnesses to Your love and mercy and be strengthened in our faith as we intend with your help to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with You, our God. We ask these things in Your Name.  Amen. St Bede, Pray for us! Our Lady of Lourdes, Pray for us!      

Welcome to this 20th update for the St Bede’s Mini Vinnies group. Today we have made our sandwiches once again for the soup kitchen in Birmingham City Centre.  We have now begun working collaboratively with the Staff and pupils at St Augustine’s as they have started putting together special treat bags with biscuits and cereal bars.  These will be given out along with the sandwiches we make for the homeless outreach every time we support the SK. Today we also celebrated a prayerful and joyful Mass of thanksgiving for all our Year 7 and 8 pupils who are currently serving Mini Vinnies here in school. Also, many thanks to all who have begun to bring in toiletries and bottled water for our brothers and sisters in need.  We are still grateful for donations, however small and in particular men’s toiletries including shaving foam and shower gels. Here is a reminder of the items, which will be most gratefully received by the SVP. The SVP would be most grateful for any donations of the following items: Small Bottled water or 500/600ml sized bottles Male and female deodorants – sprays and roll-ons Male shower gel and shaving foam Sunscreen/lotion/sunblock/ – cream or sprays Wetwipes/Baby wipes Donated water, sunscreen/lotion and deodorants can be brought, either to Reception and placed in the red collection box or passed on directly to Miss Downes here in school by Wednesday, 17th July 2019.  May the Lord bless you for your kindness and generosity to those in most need in our locality. “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you did it for Me.” Jesus.  Matthew 25:40 Thanks so much for all the practical and spiritual support that you provide for the Mini Vinnies to continue their sterling work and service…

Thursday 13 June 2019

13 Jun 2019

The Most Holy and Blessed Trinity Jesus said, “When the Spirit of Truth comes, He will lead you to the complete truth, since He will not be speaking as from Himself but will say only what He has learnt. Everything the Father has is Mine; that is why I said: all He tells you will be taken from what is Mine.” John 16:13, 15 The earliest prayer to the Holy Trinity was the Doxology the words of which we also use for the prayer “The Glory be” This Sunday the Church will celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity.  Every time we make the Sign of the Cross, we are affirming our belief and trust in the Holy Trinity of Love, for we say ‘In the Name of the Father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. We worship One God, One Lord, but who has three ways of interacting with us.  God the Father who created us in love.  God the Son, Jesus Christ who redeemed us in love by His sacrificial Death and Resurrection.   God the Holy Spirit, who empowers, equips and makes us Children of God and who makes us holy in love. Our Creed, our Profession of faith, which we pray every Sunday, states clearly that which we believe as Catholic Christians.  All Christians worship a Trinitarian God, God in Three Persons.  God the Father, in His deep love created the world, the universe and the heavens.  He created us with love and through Jesus His Beloved Son.  Jesus, out of Love for the Father, chose to come to live amongst us.  By the power of the Holy Spirit, He came to be born on earth as a man, from the Spotless Womb of our Blessed Lady, Mary.  Jesus lived a perfect…

This week, some of St Bede’s Singers attended the Schools Gotta Sing event at the Palace Theatre in Redditch. This was the second year that we were able to participate in this event, which provides the opportunity for several schools and soloists to perform to an audience in a theatre venue. We sang three of our favourite pieces from our current repertoire (The Climb, Just Give Me A Reason and Africa) and received fabulous applause from the audience. We were fortunate to have huge support from many parents and other family members of the Singers who had bought tickets for the performance. In addition, the conduct of our Singers was exemplary at all times, showing what a credit they really are to our school. A marvelous time was had by both singers and staff and we very much look forward to being able to perform at similar venues like this in the future.  

A reminder that our September 2019 Year 5 Intake Evening is taking place tonight in the school hall tonight Wednesday 12/06/19 at 7pm. This is a PARENTS ONLY event, children will be invited to their 2 transition days in July where they will meet their teachers and have some ‘taster’ lessons in school

National Book Tokens have launched a competition for a school to win £5,000 of new books for their school library and £100 of new books for the entry winner, if your name is chosen. If you are interested, fill out the competition entry form and nominate St Bede’s to win: (If you leave the second box un-ticked, you will not receive any further marketing material.) The drawer closes on 31 July 2019.  

On Friday, it was the turn of our KS2 swimming team to take to the Abbey Stadium pool and compete in the District Competition. All pupils involved swam brilliantly, winning the majority of their races! Pupils competed in front crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke and relays in winning points for the place they finished, which added up to a final team total. Well done to Oliver, Mikey, Hayden, Owen, George, Amelie, Niamh, Victoria, Ruby, Ellie, Frankie and Grace for all their efforts today, they very much did the school proud! Thank you also to all the parents that came and supported!  

Top Boy & Girl Reader Year 5 Ayomide A  5SH  (2 books read) 116,724 words Celia A  5EM  (3 book read) 102,716 words Year:  107 books / 1,310,973 words Year 6 Amy-Louise  6VS  (3 books read) 160,916 words Peter J  6VS  (1 book read) 106,821 words Year: 84 books / 1,706,692 words Year 7 Katherine D  7JS (3 books read) 236,277 words Noah B  7ABR  (1 book read)  105,143 words Year: 60 / 1,237,210 words Year 8 Sion D  8SC  (1 book read) 116,396 words Sarah G  8MDi  (1 books read) 79,620 words Year: 26 books / 591,141 words New Word Millionaires – Two more pupils join the St Bede’s Word Millionaire Club … Noah B, Y7 ABR, with 1,018,331 words, 22 books read (this school year) Maud R, Y8 RJ, with 1,325,964 words, 27 books read (this school year) Fantastic Achievement. Well done. 44 pupils are now Word Millionaires – see their names below; St Bede’s Word Millionaires Club Natalie C (& see below) Lucy B (& see below) Aaron V (& see below) Zia I Peter J Isabelle R (& see below) Evina J-B, (& see below) Adaa A (& see below) Mahad I Ruby S Colin S Maya G Chikondi M (& see below) Isabella S Hirah A Sion D Sarah N Aoibhe W Tristan K Leah J Oskar G Kathleen T Jaypreet R Dhiya E Amy R Billy B Charlotte S Charlotte M Katherine D Lewis W Tia S Katie R Evie W Olivia-Grace L David D Paige R Teagan G Georgie R Rayan M George S Finn G Celia A Lucas K Katie R   St Bede’s Word-Multi-Millionaires Club      New:  Peter J  Y6 VS    (2,494,387 words) Isabelle R Y8 SC       Aaron V in Y6 VS             Chikondi M in…

UPDATED – TO INCLUDE FIELD EVENTS RACE TIMETABLE – Established Key Stage 3 NO. AGE GROUP EVENT TIME 1 YEAR 7 GIRLS 100m 4.00pm 2 YEAR 8 GIRLS 100m 4.04pm 3 YEAR 7 GIRLS 200m 4.10pm 4 YEAR 8 GIRLS 200m 4.14pm 5 YEAR 8 GIRLS 300m 4.20pm 6 YEAR 8 GIRLS 1500m 4.30pm 7 YEAR 7 GIRLS 800m 4.40pm 8 YEAR 8 GIRLS 800m 4.50pm 9 YEAR 7 BOYS 100m 4.54pm 10 YEAR 8 BOYS 100m 5.00pm 11 YEAR 7 BOYS 200m 5.04pm 12 YEAR 8 BOYS 200m 5.10pm 13 YEAR 7 BOYS 300m 5.14pm 14 YEAR 8 BOYS 300m 5.17pm 15 YEAR 8 BOYS 1500m 5.25pm 16 YEAR 7 BOYS 800m 5.30pm 17 YEAR 8 BOYS 800m 5.35pm 18 YEAR 7 GIRLS RELAY 5.40pm 19 YEAR 7 BOYS RELAY 5.45pm 20 YEAR 8 GIRLS RELAY 5.50pm 21 YEAR 8 BOYS RELAY 6.00pm All field events will run alongside the track events and should be finished before the relays begin.

On Thursday afternoon, our year 7 and 8 girls became U13 Worcestershire County Cup champions. They played fantastically well against a strong Walkwood team. At half time the score was 0-0, but the girls hit the post, bar and their keeper made some wonderful saves. Early into the second half, Walkwood scored with a great 30 yard strike. The girls kept going until the end and, with five minutes to go they were rewarded. Unfortunately, a Walkwood player turned the ball into her own net and it was 1-1. But that wasn’t the end, with two minutes to go Mya scored. The girls played extremely well and should be proud of their football this year.  

Accelerated Reader (Year 5 – Year 8) What is Accelerated Reader? Accelerated Reader is a computer program that helps teachers and parents manage and monitor children`s independent reading practice. Your child picks a book at his/her level and reads it at his/her own pace – ideally 20 minutes each day. When finished, your child takes a short 10 minutes quiz on the computer – passing the quiz is an indicator that your child has understood what has been read. The Accelerated Reader program measures the growth and progress of your child on a regular basis through termly Star reading tests – multi choice question tests – and it also provides accurate and up-to-date reading ages. This is considered as very important data by many high schools when considering which set your child should be in or when deciding on any extra reading inventions if necessary. Pupils are able to select books appropriate for their individual reading level and interests. The difficulty of the text varies from 0.5 (easy) to 13.5 (very challenging).  Each book is also labelled with a number of points your child can gain and these points refer to length and number of words within a book. Accelerated Reader helps all children become better readers from pupils with special needs to those who are gifted and talented. Accelerated Reader encourages children to read books from their library for at least 20 minutes each day and to take quizzes at least once a week during English lesson held in the library. When children read books at their appropriate level, they experience success and grow in both confidence and reading stamina. Many of our children are already reading more, making better progress and are enjoying taking a quiz each week. Children, as well as parents, can see which books they…

SVP Summer Appeal 2019 As the weather now begins to get warmer and as summer begins, the SVP are appealing for donations of the following at this time for our homeless brothers and sisters in need on the streets. The SVP would be most grateful for any donations of the following items: Small Bottled water or 500/600ml sized bottles Male and female deodorants – sprays and roll-ons Sunscreen/lotion/sunblock/ – cream or sprays Wetwipes/Baby wipes After Half Term, from 3rd June until 17th July 2019, here in school we shall be collecting donations of these items for the SVP.  Donated water, sunscreen/lotion and deodorants can be brought either to Reception and placed in the red collection box or passed on directly to Miss Downes here in school by Wednesday, 17th July 2019. May the Lord bless you for your kindness and generosity to those in most need in our locality. “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you did it for Me.” Jesus.  Matthew 25:40  

Pentecost Sunday 2019 ‘When Pentecost day came around, the apostles had all met in one room, when suddenly they heard what sounded like a powerful wind from heaven, the noise of which filled the entire house in which they were sitting.’ Acts 2:1,2. This Sunday at Mass will be the celebration of the great feast of Pentecost, the Birthday of the Church.  Pentecost is a Greek word meaning ‘Fiftieth’ or ‘Fifty Days’ and was a Jewish harvest festival called ‘Shavuot’ which would be celebrated to thank the Lord for all His goodness to them as provider and sustainer of His people. Jews still celebrate Shavuot also known as the Festival of Weeks (Jesus Himself would have celebrated this feast along with His disciples.) On this special day already holy to the Jews, some fifty days after Jesus had risen triumphantly from the dead, the promised Gift of the Holy Spirit is given to all the disciples as they waited in the Upper Room in Jerusalem, just as Jesus had instructed them, and Mary, the Mother of Jesus was with them. Thus the early Christian Church was born. We too have received this promised gift of the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity when we received our Baptism.  This made us children of God and members of His Family.  The Holy Spirit strengthens us every time we receive Jesus in Holy Communion at Mass and when we come together to celebrate the Eucharist.  He also moulds and shapes up into the people we are to become through the healing Sacrament of Reconciliation or Confession.  The Father has lavished His love upon us by calling us His Adopted Sons and Daughters and He has generously poured forth His Holy and Life-giving Spirit to us and has filled our hearts and lives with…

A reminder to all our parents that Orchard Clothing is our ONLY designated provider of branded St Bede’s wear. Orchard Clothing sell all our uniform requirements and are aware of any uniform changes we have made. You can order online via Orchard Clothing’s website NB: please note new address St Bede’s Uniform Order Form ORCHARD CLOTHING 2019

Summer Athletics Reminder There is an additional practice tonight (05/06/19) that wasn’t previously advertised on April’s dates, for all Key Stages till 5pm. Athletics Practices Summer 2019    

Yr 8 pupils transferring to St Augustine’s Catholic High School in Sept 2019 Message from St Augustine’s Y8 → Y9 Transition Evening at St Augustine’s: on Thursday 13th June, we welcome our Y8 students from local schools who will be joining us in Sep-19. It will be a great opportunity to meet new parents and carers together with new students and for them to get a flavour of our school and speak to subject teachers about their GCSE choices.

Year 8 Rounders

24 May 2019

A huge congratulations to the Year 8 Rounders team last night! They travelled to Birchensale, who were hosts as well as rivals at this tournament, with positive attitudes and determination to make their mark on the medals table. It’s fair to say that they had an uncharacteristic start, losing a game to a much weaker team than themselves but took it on the chin and proceeded to win the following matches. The tournament culminated in an exciting match against the hosts Birchensale which we won with conviction. Phew! Birchensale had done enough previously to secure their win but but the girls were delighted with their silver medals as in their minds they beat Birchensale and that was like winning the gold. Well done girls a great final tournament for you!