Top Boy & Girl Reader

Year 5

Finn G  5SH  (6 books read) 362,176 words

Olivia L  5HA  (8 books read) 312,194 words

Year: 111 books / 1,897,374 words

Year 6

Charlotte S  6DS  (2 books read) 331,137 words

Aaron V  6VS  (2 books read) 118,164 words

Year: 105 books / 2,077,519 words

Year 7

Natalie C  7ABR  (3 books read)  341,501 words

Mahad I  7ABR  (1 books read)  79,790 words

Year: 131 / 1,899,148 words

Year 8

Lewis W  8KB  (3 books read) 297,290 words

Hannah R  8HW  (2 books read) 94,307 words

Year: 122 books / 2,946,863 words

New Word Millionaires –

Three more pupils join the St Bede’s Word Millionaire Club …

Charlotte S, 6DS, with 1,303,640 words, 26 books read (this school year)

Charlotte M, 7KL , with 1,011,748 words, 64 books read (this school year)

Katherine D, 7JS, with 1,020,870 words, 24 books read (this school year)

Lewis W, 8KBP, with 1,082,660 words, 25 books read (this school year)

Tia S, 6MP, with 1,126,964 words, 17 books read (this school year)

Fantastic Achievement. Well done.     31 pupils are now Word Millionaires.

St Bede’s Word Millionaires Club

Natalie C (& see below) Lucy B (& see below) Aaron V
Zia I Peter J Isabelle R
Evina J-B, (& see below) Adaa A Mahad I
Ruby S Colin S Maya G
Chikondi M Isabella S Hirah A
Sion D Sarah N Aoibhe W
Tristan K Leah J Oskar G
Kathleen T Jaypreet R Dhiya E
Amy R Billy B  
2018’s Word-Multi-Millionaires               new member: Adaa A Y8 KB

Lucy B Y7 KL            Natalie C  Y7 ABR             Evina J-B  Y5 AB

As a whole school, from September, pupils have read an amazing 143,876,382 words / 11,750 books!
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