Lost Property – LAST CHANCE!

All priority one contacts have been text to confirm an allocated day & time for you to come and claim any lost property. If you have not received a text message please email reception@st-bedes.worcs.sch.uk All items left will be bagged for charity if not claimed by 4pm 24/07/2020.

Computing Challenge Tuesday 30th June

Computing Challenge Tuesday 30th June https://projects.raspberrypi.org/en/projects By following this link you will find a range of projects that can be completed depending on the software and hardware you want to use and have access to. Let Miss Brown know about any completed projects for E-praise points. kbrown@stb.lourdesmac.org.uk

Maths Challenge 17 06 2020

Today’s challenge comes from the Maths department but does not involve numbers. It is a riddle to put your logical thinking to the test. Can you escape? Have a go at the riddle below and email Mr. Walton with your solutions at awalton@stb.lourdesmac.org.uk. 3 ePraise points to anyone who finds Read more…

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