Lost Property – LAST CHANCE!

All priority one contacts have been text to confirm an allocated day & time for you to come and claim any lost property. If you have not received a text message please email reception@st-bedes.worcs.sch.uk All items left will be bagged for charity if not claimed by 4pm 24/07/2020.


When withdrawing money from ParentPay, all money will be returned to the original form of payment (i.e. bank account, credit card etc).  If your bank account has been closed or you have received a new debit card then you may experience problems withdrawing the refunded money.  If this is the Read more…

Social Media Apps and Platforms

https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ Children love to socialise and as they get older, they will want to stay in touch with their friends online. This week explores how they can stay safe while connecting with others on social media apps and platforms: 8-10s 11-13s

Word Multi-Millionaires

Two more pupils join St Bede’s Word MULTI-Millionaire Club, Fantastic Reading to James B in 6VSu having read 2,006,290 words in 48 books & Robert L in 7KBr having read 2,033,312 words in 44 books (this school year) 14 pupils are Multi-Millionaires, over 47 million words read

Geography Challenge

Fed up of the same daily walks? Want to set your friends/ family a challenge? Have a go at this week’s Geography Challenge… Make a Treasure Hunt! Give each person playing a sheet of paper with clues. For example, “Which house has a mailbox in a certain shape?” and “Name Read more…

Library Challenge

Fantastic Library displays by Mohammed K in 6VSu and Oliver T in 5CAl.  Both boys received 10 ePraise points. Mohammed K – Horrid Henry book Oliver T – a selection of David Walliams books Can’t wait to see these in September, and create new Displays (pupils can continue to make Read more…