January 2018

To all Confirmandi making their Confirmation in July 2018

Instructions for completing the Confirmation Enrolment Certificate & Sponsor Card

Dear Candidate,

Prior to your attendance at the Enrolment Mass you will receive an Enrolment Certificate attached with this sheet.  Please take careful note of the following points:  This will be need to be handed in at the Enrolment Mass which you will attend with your family and Sponsor if they are available.

Please keep this Certificate nice and clean and flat as this will be presented to the Priest at your Enrolment Mass.  This has been presented to you in a plastic wallet. Please use this to keep it in good order before it is handed in on either 3rd or 4th February at the Mass.

  • Please complete FULLY and avoid mistakes by writing out your promises in draft BEFORE you complete the Certificate in best.
  • Only use either BLACK or BLUE ink. No other colours please.
  • Remember to write your full name including middle names as well as first name and family name in BLOCK CAPITALS please.
  • You are to think about 3 or 4 achievable promises that will help you to live out your faith commitment as you take this next step in your life of faith and pilgrim journey as a Catholic Christian. Examples may include: (i) Attending Mass more often especially at weekends and maybe once during the week (ii) Reading the Bible every day (iii) Going to Confession more often (iv) Helping more at home (v) Learning more about my faith (vi) Praying every day (vii) Going to Eucharistic Adoration (viii) Researching my chosen Saint.
  • You are to sign the Certificate and take note of the promises you have made and will make again at the Enrolment Mass.
  • The Certificate MUST be signed by your parents and/or your Sponsor.

Sponsor Cards will be given out at the next Sacramental Preparation Session on Monday, 5th February for both Parishes.  Instructions for completing the Sponsor Card.  This needs to be handed in before the Easter holiday break and deadline will be 28th March 2018 for this to be received in School.

  • Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS in BLUE or BLACK ink. No other Colour.
  • Make sure that this is kept clean and flat and in a presentable condition as this will be handed to the Archbishop when you are Confirmed in June.
  • Where it says “CONFIRMATION NAME” this is where you are to write the name of the Saint you have chosen which you will receive when the Sacrament is conferred on you. DO NOT write “Saint or St. Anne” just write “Anne”
  • The Card must be FULLY completed and your SPONSOR needs to complete the Promise on the back. If the card is returned in school incomplete or poorly presented i.e, scruffy with mistakes and crossings out then it may be returned to you or you will given a replacement and will be required to be completed again.  The Sponsor card is vital for your Confirmation. Write this out in draft before you complete it in best.


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