Reminder for all parents of Year 7 and 8 Confirmandi from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish and St Peter’s Parish Bromsgrove.

All fully completed Sponsor Cards are to be handed in to Miss Downes in school by 28th March 2018. 

Instructions for completing the Sponsor Card.

  • Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS in BLUE or BLACK ink. No other Colour.
  • Make sure that this is kept clean and flat and in a presentable condition as this will be handed to Bishop Robert when you are Confirmed in July.
  • Where it says “CONFIRMATION NAME” this is where you are to write the name of the Saint you have chosen which you will receive when the Sacrament is conferred on you. DO NOT write “Saint or St. Anne” just write “Anne”
  • The Card must be FULLY completed and your SPONSOR needs to complete the Promise on the back. If the card is returned in school incomplete or poorly presented i.e, scruffy with mistakes and crossings out then it may be returned to you or you will given a replacement and will be required to be completed again.
  • The Sponsor card is vital for your Confirmation. Write this out in draft before you complete it in best.   
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