Covid-19 (Coronavirus) – Multi Academy Update

Dear Parent/Carer,

I have been asked, on behalf of the Directors and Leaders of the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic MAC, to write to you in relation to the current outbreak of the Coronavirus.

We as a country are facing an uncertain time in which as a school community we need to be flexible, decisive and compassionate in our actions.

Our primary responsibility is for the safety and well-being of all the members of our school and the communities that we serve.

We (the Directors and School Leaders) have met and discussed the challenge that this virus presents to our schools and local communities. I would like to set out in this short statement the position of the MAC and its actions in relation to the virus outbreak.

Firstly, schools will regularly monitor the health and well-being of its school community (staff and pupils) to ensure that we have an accurate assessment of the status of the virus in order to make the best decisions possible and plan effectively.

 Secondly, we will follow the daily updated guidance in relation to our school community from Public Health & DFE. We will, where possible, make MAC wide decisions on any potential closure and we will have a MAC wide policy of sharing information centrally.

 If indeed schools do close, this will be based on the risk to health.

We have taken advice regarding children’s attendance. The advice from the DfE is that any absence related to Coronavirus will be given a specific code, meaning that it will not affect your child’s overall attendance. However, if your child is ill or off for another reason, then the normal coding will apply.

With regard to school events, whilst we know our school community will be disappointed, we will be/may be postponing some of our events over the next couple of weeks. Please note we are only postponing these events, in the hope that they can go ahead later in the school year.

Finally, we will do our upmost to protect and inform our school and local communities through sensible, informed and timely actions, supporting each other and working together.

 In faith,

 Lloyd Roberts

Chief Accounting Officer

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