Dear Parents and Carers

Following initial parental survey responses that we have received, Mr Russell has set up a suggested timetable that can be followed starting next week (4th May). It is hoped that this will help to focus pupils at home and support you as parents in ensuring that no one feels overwhelmed by the amount of work that is available. Suggested timetables will be sent out to pupils and parents every Friday.

As of next week, Fridays will be “Feedback Fridays.” This is when staff will be providing feedback on the work produced by students that has been completed and submitted in that week. Staff will be providing students feedback via either ePraise or email.

There is no expectation from school as to the amount of work that students need to complete. We understand that every family’s circumstances are different and for some families, it may be challenging to do a certain amount of work in a set time. The most important thing at the moment is that everyone stays safe, healthy and enjoys this time with their families. Therefore, please do not worry about the amount of work that your child is completing. When we are back in school, we will ensure that all work missed is covered that that pupils will not be adversely disadvantaged by this enforced school closure.

During this crisis, the DFE announced that the National Curriculum is suspended so there is no expectation that National Curriculum topic areas or skills need to be covered so if pupils have a particular interest, allow them to invest their time in this. I’m sure that there will be lots of things they will be able to teach all of the staff when they return to school.

We have decided to signpost pupils to the BBC Bitesize lessons moving forward. These have been endorsed by the Department for Education.

BBC Bitesize resources are also the most easily accessible as they can be accessed via the BBC website, BBC Bitesize app for mobile phones and on the Sky Guide through your Sky set top box.

Lots of parents have commented in the survey how good the BBC Bitesize resources are and how engaging they have been for their children as well as being easy to use and navigate.

Oak Academy Resources are also available. These have been commissioned by the DFE and have been created by 40 state school teachers across the country. The DFE has committed £300,000 to the production of these resources during this crisis.

Every family will have a different way of working and one that works best for them. This is why we have tried to have as many options as possible to keep things flexible to support as many of our families as possible. As I said in my message earlier in the week, we need to be able to accommodate for many, not just for the few.

We thank you for your patience, kindness and compassion that you have all shown to us as a school through this really testing time. It is greatly appreciated.

Take care, stay safe and God bless.


Luke Payton
Head of School

Covid 19 Suggested Timetable wc 4th May

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