Year 8 Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2

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Why do promises matter? – Covenants Judaism Can one person change the world? Why do we celebrate? Sanctity of Life

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Exploring World War One


Poetry and prose (both pre and post 1914) centred on war and conflict. Study of Wilfred Owen poems.

Comparing and contrasting WW1 poems.

Travel writing (Non-fiction)

Exploring various travel writing texts. Focus on style,

purpose, audience, language and form.

Wiring to persuade, entertain, describe and complain.

The Boy in Striped Pyjamas, John Boyne

Exploring the importance of context to a novel. Making comparisons to texts from ‘Myths and Legends’; i.e.

Fable with morals.

Exploring Horror/Gothic stories

Short extracts from various gothic novels and poems

(Dracula, Raven, The Woman in Black, etc.) and short

stories, e.g. The Monkey`s Paw.

W. Shakespeare – Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest
Focusing on Elizabethan Theatre, biography of W. Shakespeare and Shakespearean English. Getting an overview of plots, characters, settings and themes of the studied plays.
Novel Study
Focus on plots, settings, characters, descriptions, themes, language techniques and structure

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Number properties 1/

Geometry and measures/

Number properties 2/ Algebra 1

Fractions, Decimals,


Approximation/ Algebra 2

Collecting & Interpreting Data/

Sequences and Graphs/ Ratio and proportion/ Scale and rates of


Shape Properties/ Algebra 3/ Transformations Angles in Parallel lines and Polygons/Symmetry and Reflection Area/Data Handling Cycle/Averages

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Search for the Philosopher’s

Stone – chemical reactions/A&E – cells, the human body and reproduction

Alien – forces and adaptation Alien/A&E Search for the Philosopher’s Stone/A&E Search for the Philosopher’s Stone/A&E/Energy Matters – renewable energy resources, Sc1 investigations Energy Matters

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Electronics and robots/ sauce based foods/ bags – termly rotation on each. All pupils will be doing the Christmas cake competition during Autumn 2.

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Bronze/Silver Arts Award Bronze/Silver Arts Award Memories/Dreams Memories/Dreams Own self directed study on an artist of choice.

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Slavery – Black people of the Americas The Industrial Revolution – The Victorians World War One

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Weathering and Erosion Kenya Brazil


Arts Award)

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Theory and notation programme 4Chord Songs/ Songwriting Pop band project Pop band project Pachelbel’s canon Theme and variations Remix

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In town Future Town My Environment Holidays Film study

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Understanding Computers Sensors Networks Networks/ Computer Crime & cyber security Computer Crime & cyber security Introduction to Python

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Football/ Netball Gymnastics/ Hockey/Badminton Rugby/ Netball/ Basketball/ Dance/ Indoor Athletics Athletics/ Cricket/ Rounders/ Ultimate Frisbee/ Tennis/Volleyball

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Prejudice and Stereotypes/

Media and Body Image/

Hate Crime/ Self Harm

Bullying/ Social Media/

CSE/ Staving safe online/ Sexting

Money/Budgeting/Bills/B anks/Gambling


Violence/Family Issues

Charity/Reflection (Sponsored Walk) Citizenship
The Law and Police Processes
Thrive/Mental Health/Well-Being
The order of these units may vary in certain subjects depending on resources and weather.
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