On Wednesday 9 October, 18 pupils, in 3 teams of 6, took part in an IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) Day, competing against Woodfield Middle School.

Pupils had to make a vehicle that would help somebody in a natural disaster. Due to some fantastic team work and innovative thinking, one of the St Bede’s groups ended up winning the competition!

The winning group made a boat with caterpillar tracks – so that it could go in the sea and on land – which could be dropped by a winch from an air bus. It also had a spare motor and oars for shallow waters.

The winning team consisted of Leah, Howla, Gerry, Evie, Lucy and Mahad but a massive well done to everyone who competed as so many engineering skills were practiced throughout the day. The other participants were Noah, Liam, Charlotte, Oliver, Joseph, Grace, Ava, Christa, Nikolas, Julia, Joseph and Josh.

For taking part in the day, they received an industrial cadet challenger award for completing a hands-on problem solving and critical thinking activity. Industrial Cadets is run by the EDT (Engineering Development Trust) and works with UK employers to create a talent pipeline and a future skilled workforce.

I am sure there will be some future engineers from pupil’s who competed!

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