We’re extremely pleased and proud to announce that, at their Virtual Graduation Ceremony today, the members of our Go4SET team, “The Cave People”, were awarded the Engineering Development Trust’s “Best Team Working” Award for their excellent team efforts whilst working toward their Bronze Industrial Cadet certificates.

The team, who spent 12 weeks preparing a working model, 30-page written report and presentation video for their assessment last Monday, will receive a team trophy and individual Bronze Industrial Cadet certificates from the EDT. Their project was based around building a climate change-proof building for use in the future and involved designing an amphibious building that rises and falls with changing water levels, inside a cave. They were aided by their Industrial Mentor, Adelle Astle, from Inovyn in Cheshire.

Miss Horton, who facilitated the team’s project meetings, said “our team worked incredibly hard and efficiently, under the most challenging circumstances. During lockdown, we started having twice-weekly meetings via MS Teams, with the pupils using the collaboration space in a OneNote Class Notebook to share ideas and plan their time; then, after we returned to school, they were able to meet in a socially distanced way to produce the assessment materials. I’m incredibly pleased for them; this award really does reflect the amazing job they made of pulling together as a team, helping each other to complete their individual tasks where necessary. It was a pleasure to supervise their efforts; I know Adelle will echo this feeling.”

The national STEM competition involved schools from the far north of Scotland to the far south of England and was open to Year 9s as well as Year 8s, so we’re doubly proud that our youngsters showed such winning and mature essential skills for their age.

Well done, Harry, Rosie, Charlotte, Tia, Evie and Billy! We look forward to hearing about your future pursuits in the field of STEM!

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