Reminder: how to quiz, access e-books and Access website details.

1/  To quiz on a book, log into the school website

Then, Quick links, Pupils online resources, renaissance, and quiz.

You’re then redirected to the usual screen you’d see at school, to quiz from.  Enter your user name and password.

2/ If you have books at home, these may also have quizzes.  To check look at

3/ If you want to access free books to read or audio use


There’s over free 6,000 books!!

Just filter by selecting language – choose English UK. Maybe select ‘ATOS Level’ which means Book Level, and maybe add style of book?

Not all books have a quiz. Look at ‘info’ when choose a book and the quiz number shows if there is a quiz available.

They are also read out loud, if you don’t want sound, just turn volume off.  Or if ‘sound on’, read along following the highlighted word or sentence.

Have a look at filters, as many further options to help guide you to a book you’ll enjoy.  Fiction and non fiction

I’ve started adding to the English folder online, in Reading and Quizzing, suggestions of books similar to those in school, that I know pupils like 🙂  have a look?  There’s fun non fiction books on ‘library of weird’ collection.

After you’ve read a book on myON, log into renaissance and take the quiz.

Another way to search myON books is via and then in Collections, select myON. It will then list in alphabetical order all quizzable books in myON.

4/ On our school Facebook page I’ve been sending out daily schedules eg. Author reads a book, illustrator gives demo, competitions to win prizes, etc.  And this has also been saved in pupils area for you to view.  Please take a look!

You’ll find some interesting books!

Any questions, or anything else I can help you with regarding reading, please email or contact via Teams.


Mrs Keggans



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