This year, we have been running a very successful Junior Apprentice Group who have worked on various projects. One of the projects that was completed was the development of a forest school and this is soon to be used as a full time club with Mr Delo. We are also currently doing voluntary work at Leapgate Activity Centre, which is a working farm. For both of these, pupils have to wear wellies and water proofs but we feel that we would like a school supply that we could lend to the students who are accessing these activities.

If you have any old, child size, wellingtons or water proofs that are not being used and you would like to donate them to the school then they would be greatly appreciated. So many pupils would benefit from this and it would be a huge help for our various activities within school. These can be taken to reception and just mention that they are for Mr Dickinson and Mr Delo.

Many thanks in advance,

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