Yesterday was the first day of the Year 6 Junior Apprentice Programme. Although we have worked with some Year 6 pupils in the past, this is the first time running a project with just Year 6 pupils and they sure did impress!

We started the morning with some ice breaker games to get to know everyone and we all learned some interesting facts about each other. We then made our way to the gym to hone our team work and leadership skills. They all enjoyed working in their teams and every single one of them improved in the crash mat race. We also saw some pupils show themselves as emerging leaders.

In the afternoon, it was time to get working around the school site – we paid particular attention to the forest school area as it had begun to get a bit over grown over the lockdown period. They worked in small teams to clear weeds and collect dead wood, also giving the teachers a chance to see how they work in a more vocational type environment. It was great to see Kalel R step up as a brilliant communicator to his peers, possessing the fantastic skill of being able to give clear instructions to his team mates in such a positive manner. This was also appreciated by his peers who voted him as the best worker of the day!

We look forward to next week where we will be learning how to use more specific gardening tools around the well-being garden and school site.

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