This year, pupils may have the opportunity to be part of the schools Junior Apprenticeship Programme. The aim of this programme is to learn vocational and personal skills that will help set up our pupils for the world of work. This term, 14 pupils are developing a forest school/outdoor classroom at the back of the Annexe, taking complete ownership of the planning, clearing and building of educational resources to be used in the area. Each week, a different pupil will give a brief overview of what they have done:

“Being a Junior Apprentice is a great chance for other pupils to work together as a team and develop good skills. Today, on our first day, we did some activities to get to know each other, such as telling two truths and one lie about ourselves. Then we designed our forest school area. After that, we went out there and began to clear the area from where it has become over grown. We had a great time and we got to practice some new skills such as gardening and how to use shears.” Hayden Smith – Year 7.

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