Congratulations to the top 5 pupils in each class! We have watched a Christmas film and enjoyed snacks as a reward for working hard this term. Well done to;

7JST Oliwer B, Oliver S, Mia G, Maya G, Lilly W

7ABR Oliwia S, Afra M, Oliwier K,  Elizabeth K,  Isabella O and James B

7SEV George H, Fiana A, Falak N, Nishel J, Tallulah N

7TOM Victoria J, Niamh B. Sarah Jane T-H, Amelie S, George S

7SEV Delilah N, Isabella V, Erin G, Imogen G, Mohammed K

8AGA Royston, Anugraha, Shona, Carlton, Grace R

8KBR  Charlotte, Raf, Julita, Robert, Charlie & Julia

8MDI Sana, Austin, Teagan G, Frankie and Brianna

8HFA Edward K, Ewan M, Hayen S, Tia S and Carenza A and Amy-Louise

8NSA Harry N, Rosie H, Evie R, Victoria P, Caitlin L


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