Medical Care Plans and Medication Consent Forms *** important parent/carer information ***:

Please see Medical Care Plan attached. This is Parent/Carers responsibility and needs to be reviewed then resent to school annually at the start of each new school year, before any residential trips and also whenever there are any changes to conditions or medications. This includes asthma, allergies, broken bones, diabetes, epilepsy, ADHD etc.

*** If you provided this to your child’s first school, please be advised that this information doesn’t travel via the system so you must advise us here at St Bede’s of any medical issues ***

Please also see a Medication Consent Form – this needs to be completed and sent to school for any medication requirements during school hours. Any medication to be given to pupils, should be bought into reception by a responsible adult with the completed and signed form, in the original packaging, with a dosage spoon/syringe if needed and will be kept safely in school until it is needed. Please write in your child’s diary daily if they have received any medication at home so that doses can be evenly spaced. When your child comes to the office for medication, they will need to bring a drink and their diary as the person giving the medication will write a note in the diary detailing the time that the dose was administered. St Bede’s are able to give paracetamol, antihistamines, antibiotics and any other medication in school as long as you provide the medication and fully complete the above forms. We do have a fridge in reception where we are able to keep antibiotics stored as per instructions. Please be aware that medication can only be administered for the condition detailed on the form.

If your child suffers with asthma, they must have a reliever inhaler with them at all times in school. We also recommend having a spare inhaler in school for emergency purposes.

It is parents responsibility to check expiration dates of medication and bring replacements into school before it is due to expire.

Please contact Mrs Simmons on 01527 525916 or via email if you require any further information

Medical Care Plan 18-19


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