This week, 18th – 24th May 2020, is Mental Health Awareness Week and the focus is Kindness Matters.

More than ever, during these unprecedented times, kindness to ourselves and others is so important in helping everyone to remain positive.

To help encourage kindness and support Mental Health Awareness Week, we would like pupils , where possible, to post a picture into school of them showing kindness, for example:

  • Looking after a pet
  • Drawing a picture for someone
  • Writing a letter to a family member
  • Helping make dinner
  • Helping with chores
  • Saying something positive to a friend

The link below gives you more information on Mental Health Awareness Week and more ideas of how you can get involved.

Please send your photos to

Isabella H 8ABR has been a great Help, in the garden, planting & repotting 💜

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