13 September 2019

Welcome back!  This is the first update of the new school year and Autumn Term in 2019!

As we have now returned refreshed and ready to go forward from strength to strength this year, we held our first meeting of the new Mini Vinnies Group this Term on Tuesday this week.  It was great to welcome some new members of the Mini Vinnies group from Year 7 and say hello again to those returning from Year 8 who were part of the group last year and who wish to continue serving those in need as Mini Vinnies this year.

As last year, the group shall be making the sandwiches on the Tuesdays and Fridays as the Soup Kitchen goes out on the fourth Tuesday and second Friday of the month. Our meeting will be on Tuesdays again to coincide with the sandwich making.

Today, we have been making the sandwiches once again for the first time this Academic Year.   This was a wonderful event with the new members enthusiastically getting involved and wanting to live out the Catholic Virtues and Values of this Half Term.

Our Year 8’s, are taking a leadership role this year as they will be supporting the new Mini Vinnies as they settle into their roles.  They most certainly were Grateful for all the many gifts and blessings they have received in their lives and Generous with their time and efforts as they sought to consider the needs of others.  Their enthusiasm was wonderful as they thought about those less fortunate than themselves and showed care by their actions in creating the fresh sandwiches which will be given out as part of the homeless outreach this evening.  This food will be distributed to those who are in most need on the streets of Birmingham City Centre after they have been collected from school this afternoon.

You can check out the latest updates also on our school Twitter Feed on @StBedesMiddle and @BedesRE.

More updates to follow.   Keep reading and pray for us as we continue to be Compassionate towards all especially those less fortunate than ourselves and Loving by our actions as we live our lives as Grateful and Generous Mini Vinnies!

St Vincent de Paul, Pray for us!

St Louise de Marillac, Pray for us!

St Frederick Ozanam, Pray for us!

St Bede, Pray for us!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Pray for us!

Blessed Rosalie Rendu, Pray for us!


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