20 September 2019

This week the Mini Vinnie’s came together and we spent some time thinking about and reflecting on losing things, how we felt when we found them again and what we did to celebrate their finding again.  The Gospel Reading from the previous Sunday at Mass was focusing on the parable of the Prodigal or Lost Son in St Luke’s Gospel.  We talked about in particular the extra stories that Jesus told about the man with the lost sheep and the woman who lost one of her silver coins and what she did to find it and how she felt when she found it again.

We talked about how important it is that as Mini Vinnies we are committed to helping those who are on the edge of society – the poor, the lonely, the homeless and those with very little – by providing food, clothing and toiletries for them.  Many homeless people feel like they are ‘lost’ and our compassion, kindness and practical help can make such a difference to them so that they feel welcomed, included, cared for and supported.  Towards the end of the meeting we shared how we had all been a kind and thoughtful Mini Vinnie in the past week and what things we had done to help others and we thought about the week ahead and what we can do to live out our call as Mini Vinnies.

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More updates to follow.   Keep reading and pray for us as we continue to be Compassionate towards all especially those less fortunate than ourselves and Loving by our actions as we live our lives as Grateful and Generous Mini Vinnies!

St Vincent de Paul, Pray for us!

St Louise de Marillac, Pray for us!

St Frederick Ozanam, Pray for us!

St Bede, Pray for us!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Pray for us!

Blessed Rosalie Rendu, Pray for us!

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