Dear Parents and Carers

Another busy week at Bede’s and the summer holiday already seems like a distant memory!

Once again, thanks to all parents and carers for ensuring that pupils have come to school this week looking smart and being well equipped. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few walks around school this week and it’s been great to see all pupils engaged with their learning and teachers’ teaching. Sometimes we take it for granted at Bede’s just how well behaved our pupils are and, as a teacher, it is great to work in a school where you can actually teach and not be on crowd control every lesson!,

This week, Mr Russell, Mrs Gallinagh and I went to London for the PiXL Conference. PiXL is a system we use to identify gaps in learning in English and Maths at KS2 to help to ensure the best possible outcome for pupils in their SATs and improve their life chances. What I found really interesting was that this year in the SATs, only 37% of pupils across the country could correctly input capital letters into a sentence. Miss Mogg is on the case already to ensure that Bede’s pupils are part of that 37%!

Please make sure that, if you haven’t already, you have downloaded and registered the SIMS App. This has been launched this week with Year 5. This will be the only portal you can use to update consents and receive school reports. I am pleased to announce that we already have a 75% sign up with existing students but I am hoping to get this at least to the sign up numbers with have with ParentPay which is 91%! Also, download the ePraise app where you can see the points and demerits your child has received. There is also a messaging service on the ePraise app so you can message staff directly! If you have any issues with these apps, please contact reception at and they can signpost you to support. We always have our phones with us so it’s so much easier to know what is going on than having lots of pieces of paper that are usually left in the bottom of bags!

I’ll be updating my Twitter regularly so please feel free to follow me @MrPStBedes

Have a great weekend and take care!

Luke Payton
Head of School

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