Music and Art Challenge

‘Music artist on a toilet roll’

Your challenge is to create your own 3D artwork in the response to one of your favourite ‘Music artists’ using a toilet roll tube as the starting point.

  • You can use whatever materials you like (pen, paint, pencil, card, fabric etc.) and can add/remove parts of the roll to change the shape and form. You can use a toilet roll or wrapping paper tube.
  • Try researching (watching) a music video/film to give you ideas, and also look at these examples for materials to use. These use a range of techniques, some more challenging than others.
  • You can also create digital versions using a Chromebook or Apps to make stop motion animations.
  • We would really love to see your creations, so please share pictures to Mrs. Farbrother and Mrs. Eastwood by Wednesday 6th May.

Music and Art challenge Thursday 30th April_


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