Music Challenge 5 (week 19th May) THE CUP SONG 

For my challenge this week I would love to see some of you master the famous ‘Cup song’. This is a scene that featured in a popular film called ‘Pitch Perfect’ and was performed by an actress to impress the judges.  

For this challenge you will need a plastic beaker, a hard surface and lots of patience.  

Follow the step by step YouTube video to master the steps. Once you have done this try adding these steps to the music or feel free to sing along yourselves. 

Perseverance is the key. Can’t wait to see your attempts- good luck! Send them to Mrs Eastwood by 1st June, giving you time over the Whitsun holiday to perfect it! 


The easiest way to learn cups: Clap, Clap, Ta-ble, Ta-ble, Clap Up Down Clap, Sweep, Top, Table, bottom, hand down. Check it out and see how easy it is to play! 


Sing along too if you can! I’d focus on just the first 30 seconds. 

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