Music Challenge 6 (15th June – deadline 21st June)

Song/Rap of the Times

Take a current social issue that you care about and write a song/rap about it.

Extra points will be awarded for the best lyrics/ audio recordings received.

How to get started:

  • Explore song topic ideas. What’s happening right now in the World? What means something to you? What would you like to change? What are your thoughts and feelings? What’s your message?
  • Start generating some lyrics. Try to express phrases in a rhythmic way. Make a list of rhyming words. Use songs you know and like and analyse why they work so well. Say aloud, in rhythm, the words you already have written; adding and taking away words, until you have groups of two lines which work well together.
  • Think about how your lyrics might fit to music. Say your phrases in different ‘sing-song’ ways, gradually singing lines to a new tune.
  • Create the backing to your song/rap by using a beat or adding chords.
  • Practice by putting it all together and see how it works. Remember the Chorus will be the main repeated message of your song.
  • Record and send to Mrs Eastwood!



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