St Bede’s Virtual Curriculum

 A new year and a new curriculum – not just in school!

Following the success of our online learning during ‘lockdown’, the staff at St Bede’s have designed a new innovative curriculum for pupils that can be done entirely online. As a school, we were searching for a positive to come out of the COVID situation and the creation of this Virtual Curriculum will enable pupils to learn completely new subjects that will broaden their horizons, engage them in learning, give them new skills and prepare them for future careers.

As we trialled ‘no homework’ last year the feedback from parents was unbelievably positive. This does not mean your child gets no homework, there will still be optional homework (which staff report over 80% of pupils ask for) in many subjects which pupils can do at home. However we have now added this Virtual Curriculum which will all be completed remotely and parents can even join in the learning too, as many of you did during ‘lockdown’. With the shorter school day, this is something that will enhance pupils learning and that they can do with their extra half an hour a day.

Please take time to go through the PowerPoint with your son/daughter and help them choose their options. We recommend that all pupils chose at least 2 options per term, with the Invest in Yourself unit being compulsory across school and French in year 8.

Mr Russell has spoken to all year 5 classes today to explain how it will all work. If you have questions regarding the individual units please email those teachers directly, or preferably encourage children to. Any more generic questions regarding the Virtual Curriculum please email Mr Russell.

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