26th Sunday/26th Week in Ordinary Time 

The cycle of prayer for this time of the year focusses on harvest and the good gifts of creation which the Lord in His love and bounty has provided for us. 

As we approach the Autumn season of the year, let us give thanks for all we are and all we have. 

We have received so many good gifts which all come from our loving Heavenly Father. The gifts of food, drink, produce from our lands and seas as well as the glory of nature in all its wonderful colours and variety are ours to enjoy.  In his encyclical letter from Pope Francis written in 2015 “Care for our Common Home, Laudato Si’, this is a call to live our lives with responsibility and thankfulness for all our beautiful world provides.  We are to treat the planet on which we live, as our common home with respect and with tenderness and treat those we share it with as brothers and sisters.  

At this time of harvest, let us thank God for his goodness and generosity in the words of a well-known hymn for harvest-time which many of us remember from our First School days;  

 May this be our prayer this week. 

We plough the fields and scatter  

the good seed on the land, 

but it is fed and watered  

by God’s almighty hand; 

He sends the snow in winter, 

the warmth to swell the grain, 

the breezes and the sunshine, 

and soft refreshing rain.  Amen. 

 Excerpts taken from “We plough the fields and scatter.” Written by M. Claudius (1740-1815)  Translated by J. M Campbell. 

 All good gifts around us  

are sent from heav’n above 

then thank the Lord, 

O thank the Lord for all His love. Amen. 


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