As a mental health GOLD standard school, the well being of our pupils is as always our primary concern. During this lockdown, the pupils have been fantastic, working hard on the Blended Curriculum and many pupils attending the Live lessons that are scheduled daily. We are aware that in order to access working from home in lockdown, that pupils have in most cases been attached to a screen for many hours a day and this is not ideal.

As a result, we have decided that Wednesday 10th February, will be our first non-screen day to try and ease visual stress and improve pupils well-being. We want pupils to try different activities that do not involve being stuck at a laptop/ device. A sheet of suggested ideas, that are a little different ,will be sent out via Epraise to give pupils the opportunity to try something different. We have also structured in half a day of non-screen activities each week after half term as we realise the importance of being away from a screen. Again these will be supported by suggested ideas from school, though as we have said throughout lockdown, each families circumstances are different and you need to do what is right for you.

Non-screen activities – Half Term one

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