The main priorities for 2019-2020 are:

  • To enrich and sustain the Catholic Life of the school; a Catholic School for all
  • To consolidate and develop Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi-Academy Company for the benefit of all students in our community
  • To maintain the safety and welfare of all our students and staff in our school community- gaining an official accreditation for this
  • To offer a broad and balanced curriculum to meet the needs of all our students
  • Ensure that the MAC has a seamless and effective curriculum and that St Bede’s plays a vital role in that
  • To maintain and improve upon the achievement levels and progress from entry to exit and across the MAC at KS2 to be at least at national expectation and above for all groups of students especially
    Previous higher attaining
  • Run the year with a small surplus – 2% and maintain a healthy three year budget in line with MAC expectations
  • Ensure a more robust and frequent internal monitoring schedule in school for both the curriculum and catholic life
  • Innovate in all areas of the school especially in Teaching and learning and management and leadership – to improve staff and pupil wellbeing, accountability and outcomes
  • Ensure robust and effective governance in all areas


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