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Academy Representatives

Membership of Academy Representatives
St Bede’s Catholic Middle School 2016/2017
Mr Noel Burke Chair 15.07.14
Mrs Patricia Dean Vice – Chair 15.07.14
Mr Lloyd Roberts 15.07.14
Mr Daniel Cockram 07.07.14
Mr Roger Harrison 07.07.14
Miss Alison Horton 07.07.14
Mr John Kitchen 07.07.14
 Mrs  Maggie  Barratt  Foundation Representative 16.10.2017
 Mr  Thomas  Haycock  Foundation Representative 7.08.2017
 Mrs  Patricia  Duncan   15.07.14 Resigned 06.07.15
 Mrs  Kathleen  Durkan   15.07.14 Resigned 01.11.15
 Mrs  Amanda  Evans   15.07.14 Resigned 01.04.16
 Mrs  Cath  Jones   21.08.14 Resigned 01.03.16
 Mr  Andrew  O’Malley   15.07.14 Resigned 27.06.16
 Mr  James  Molloy   15.07.14 Resigned 01.03.15
 Fr David  Doran   23.02.16 Resigned 01.09.16
 Mrs  Jean  Hardcastle  5.12.16
 Mrs  Lisa  Mathie Foundation Academy Rep  14.06.2018
Terms of Office are for 4 years  Attendance Registers for Academy Reps


No Academy Representatives have any business interests.


To contact a member of the Academy Representatives  please do so via the clerk – Sarah Cosgriff

Email Address:

The work of the Academy Representatives is distributed across four committees;  Finance and Premises, Curriculum and Standards, Pupil Welfare and Personnel.
The membership of the committees is shown below.


Finance & Premises
Mr Noel Burke Mr Roger Harrison – Chair
Mrs Maggie Barratt Mr John Kitchen
Mr Tom Haycock Mr Lloyd Roberts


Curriculum and Standards
Mrs Pat Dean – Vice Chair Mrs Jean Hardcastle
Mr Tom Haycock – Chair Mr Lloyd Roberts


Pupil Welfare
Mr Noel Burke Mr Danny Cockram – Chair
Mr Roger Harrison Miss Alison Horton –  Vice Chair
Mr Lloyd Roberts


Mrs Pat Dean – Chair Mr Danny Cockram
Mrs Maggie Barratt Mrs Jean Hardcastle
Mr John Kitchen Mr Lloyd Roberts


Attendance Registers for Academy Reps


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