Because we are a Catholic school we have a Chaplaincy.  Through the work of Chaplaincy our Catholic ethos is strengthened and our strong Christian and pastoral values help to provide a firm foundation for our pupils and their families and the staff who are part of our school.  This ethos helps to create and sustain an atmosphere of care, concern and support.

Within this ethos pupils are encouraged to grow and develop in their own faith journeys and practice and the caring and supportive nature of our school enables them to grow academically, morally, emotionally and socially.

Our Catholic ethos welcomes pupils and their families of all faiths and celebrates our uniqueness and diversity through enrichment days and activities through the academic year.

St Bede’s has a strong and committed cohort of pupils who are involved with Chaplaincy and the SVP groups.

St Bede’s Handout (1)St Bede’s School Hymn

On St. Bede’s your blessing Lord,

On St. Bede’s your grace bestow.

On St. Bede’s your blessing Lord,

May it come and never go.

Bringing peace and joy and happiness,

Bringing love that knows no end.

On St. Bede’s your blessing Lord,

On St. Bede’s your blessing send.


On this school your loving Lord,

May it overflow each day.

On this school your loving Lord,

May it come with us and stay.

Drawing us in love and unity,

By the love received in you.

On this school your loving Lord,

May it come each day anew.


On St. Bede’s your calling Lord,

May it come to us each day.

On St. Bede’s your calling Lord,

May it come with us and stay.

Filling us with nobler yearnings Lord,

Calling us to live in you.

On St. Bede’s your calling Lord,

May it come each day anew.


Pupils from Years 5-8 lead and take an ownership of this group and they are encouraged by key staff in school in their focus and activities.  They meet regularly each week and are involved with the promotion of Catholic ethos through activities which encourage them to put their faith into practice.


A group of pupils from Year 7 are involved with this group.  They are active in promoting the Society of St Vincent de Paul and as young members of SVP through their commitment and care for those who are less fortunate they endeavour to support the work of the SVP in conjunction with Mount Carmel Parish by collecting and distributing food and actively fundraising.

These groups actively support the Catholic life of the school and strengthen the existing wider links of the parish and local community.

Sacramental, Liturgical and Prayer life of the school.

Year 8 students are prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation as part of a special programme which collaboratively links school, parish and home.

During Advent and Lent, reflective and prayerful services of Reconciliation and individual confession is available for all pupils in Years 5-8.  Priests from Mount Carmel and the wider Deanery area visit school during their special liturgies.

Weekly Mass is celebrated in the school Chapel for all year groups and each Form group and their Tutor takes an active part in the preparation and celebration of the Liturgy.  Pupils take ownership of each Mass through taking part as readers, servers and musicians.

Each Year group also comes together for a special Year Mass which takes place in Mount Carmel Parish Church.  Here as in school, pupils take ownership of the liturgy and each Form group is responsible for one part of the Mass by taking responsibility for the readings, bidding prayers, offertory, serving, singing in the choir and as musicians.

At key points in the Church’s Year and Liturgical cycle such as Ash Wednesday, Advent and Lent a Mass is celebrated for KS2 and KS3 in Mount Carmel Church.

Each Form has a prayer focal point, displays and pupils take responsibility for daily Form time prayer through their role as prayer monitors.

Friday afternoon form time is an opportunity for reflection and prayer and in the Chapel each Form Group on a rota basis is encouraged to come and take part in a short act of prayer and worship. This is led by staff and pupils contribute by creating their own prayers. The prayer focus for each session is taken from the Liturgical Year and Cycle of Prayer.

Fundraising and outreach:

Many charitable events and fundraising activities are taken part in over the course of the school Year.  CAFOD, Father Hudson’s Society and other local, national and international charities are supported.





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