The Board of Academy Representatives is very keen for the school to function as part of the local community within a partnership that has mutual benefits for all involved.

By nature, the ethos of the Catholic School promotes active involvement in making choices and taking responsibility within the school community, the parish and the wider community. The Board of Academy Representatives value the importance of this link and have assigned the Principal to promote further links in this area. The school is also a member of the Worcester Chamber of Commerce.

The school works in close partnership with the homes of all its pupils. This is evident from the strong parental involvement and support in all areas of school life and the clear and effective policy on home/school communication:

  • Weekly newsletters
  • Homework diaries
  • Parents’ evenings

Parents are also informed and consulted about the contents and composition of the various school Policy documents.

Liaison with feeder First Schools and High School is a priority. This is promoted and encouraged through all areas of the curriculum by Head of Key Stage and teachers with responsibility for a subject area.

As a Catholic School, St Bede’s has many strong links with the parish. We also work together in supporting the religious development of the pupils and assist in the sacramental programmes linking school, home and parish.

Use is also made of the many sporting and leisure facilities in the area such as The Abbey Stadium.

Active promotion and involvement also takes place within the following additional areas:

  • Local Police
  • Lettings for the use of the school for various community activities
  • Redditch Music Society
  • Local Businesses

The function of the school is two-fold within these areas which, whilst not definitive, form the basis of the Parish and community within the school and the school reaching out into the Parish and local community.

We will always seek to strengthen the school’s involvement within the locality and further develop the active participation of the school in all levels of community life.

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