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Collective Worship

“God is Spirit, and those who worship must worship in spirit and in truth.” John 4:23,24

We are privileged to be able to come together frequently daily and weekly for our times of prayer liturgy and Collective Worship here in Saint Bede’s Catholic Middle School.


Every day we come together in our Form and Teaching Class Groups as we pray the four main daily prayers at key points throughout the day. Our Morning Offering, Grace before meals, Grace after meals and our closing prayer to give thanks to God for the school day now passed are pivotal moments for collective prayer and reflection.


On Mondays, we come together for Key Stage Prayer and Liturgy. On Thursdays, we come together for Year Group Prayer and Liturgy. This is led by SLT, SMT, Form Tutors with pupil involvement and by the School Lay Chaplain for key feasts and celebrations. All our Prayer and Liturgy follows the Cycle of Prayer and the Liturgical Calendar of the Church and is celebrated within our Sports Hall facility here in School.


Each Wednesday, as part of DIRT time within the RE Department there is a session of biblical hermeneutics which is reading and listening to the scripture of the week called the Weekly Word. This is an interactive presentation which lasts for 10-20minutes or so and can include video links to help explain the weekly reading from God’s Word, the Bible, and there are reflection and discussion questions which help to link the reading to daily life and experience and help the pupils and Staff to reflect on the reading for their own lives. Each reading week by week also encompasses the Half Termly Catholic Virtues and Values being adopted and fostered day to day in School.


On Friday afternoons, each week we celebrate Holy Mass with each Key Stage 2 Class for Years 5 and 6 in our School Chapel. Also on Friday afternoons, for Key Stage 3 Years 7 and 8 a special bespoke service of prayer and Reflection before the Blessed Sacrament when a service of Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction is celebrated in our School Chapel and Hall areas.

At key times throughout the School Year, as part of the Church Liturgical Year we come together to celebrate special Masses such as New Academic Year Welcome Mass, Year Group and Key Stage Mass, Mass for Advent and Christmas, Mass in honour of Saint Bede our Holy Patron Saint and we include special times of prayer and liturgy to celebrate our School Community and include our House Saints: Saints Bernadette, Chad, Kenelm, John Henry Newman and Wulstan.