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Local Governing Body


Who are our Local Governing body?


LGB info      
Governor  Type of Governor Appointed Term ends
Pat Dean Foundation  14.07.2022 13.07.2026
Jean Hardcastle Foundation  05.12.2016 02.12.2024
Suzanne Lomas Foundation  01.09.2022 31.08.2026
Lisa Mathie Foundation  14.06.2018 13.06.2026
Steve Radford Foundation  10.02.2021 09.02.2025
Andrew Turner Foundation 16.12.2021 08.09.2022 (resigned)
Alexandra Pyatt Parent 01.09.2022 31.08.2026
Gareth Teal-Williams Parent 01.09.2022 31.08.2026
Martyn West Staff 02.10.2020 15.09.2024
Lloyd Roberts Principal    

Business Interests

Alexandra Pyatt - Parent Governor at Oakhill First School,  Redditch and Employee of DfE

No other governor has any business interests

Terms of office are for 4 years    
To contact a member of the Local Governing Body please do so via the clerk -  
Mrs Sarah Cosgriff   email address:  


Chair of Governors Stephen Radford
Vice Chair of Governors Lisa Mathie
Clerk to the Governors Mrs Sarah Cosgriff

Committees to be ratified at Full Board meeting in September 2022.

Catholic Mission and Community Standards and Performance People and Resources
Jean Hardcastle (Chair) Patricia Dean (Chair) Patricia Dean (Chair)
Alexandra Pyatt (Vice-Chair) Suzanne Lomas (Vice-Chair) Lisa Mathie (Vice-Chair)
Lloyd Roberts Lloyd Roberts Lloyd Roberts
Suzanne Lomas Lisa Mathie Steve Radford
Martyn West Jean Hardcastle Gareth Teal-Williams
  Gareth Teal-Williams  
  Martyn West  


Admissions Link Governor Suzanne Lomas
Safeguarding & SEN Link Alexandra Pyatt

Governors Attendance Register 2022-23

Meeting Dates 12-9-22 Michaelmas 5-12-22

Lent 1


Lent 2 Trinity 1 Trinity 2
Steve Radford (Chair) / / /      
Lisa Mathie (Vice-Chair) / apologies /      
Patricia Dean / / /      
Jean Hardcastle / / /      
Suzanne Lomas / / /      
Alexandra Pyatt / / /      
Lloyd Roberts / / /      
Gareth Teal-Williams / / /      
Martyn West / / /      
Also in attendance

Mrs S Cosgriff

Mr J Shires

Mr M Russell

Mrs L Waters

Mrs S Cosgriff

Mr J Shires

Mrs S Cosgriff

Mr J Shires

Mr M Russell


Last year's register can be found at the bottom of this section.

Local Governing Body Sub Committee's


LGB Sub-Committees

Catholic Mission & Community

The core aim of this committee is to monitor the impact and effectiveness of the following areas of Catholic life and mission.

The committee should expect to receive regular reports and relevant data from Head/ PICCL /RE lead / lay chaplain on the following:

  • RE teaching and learning
  • RSE/ Catholic family life teaching
  • Collective Worship and the provision provided for spiritual development of all staff and pupils
  • Diocesan inspections : The progress and effectiveness of the school in meeting the requirements of the Section 48 inspection process and any matters arising from inspections or monitoring visits.
  • Wellbeing of pupils and pupil voice
  • Parish, community and home school links with emphasis on the culture and traditions of the school as a unique community with a specific school, parish, community and locality, identity and history.
  • Service and vocation and how diocesan, national and universal Church Initiatives are being lived out.
  • The school environment in proclaiming our catholic mission
  • Communication : documentation, communications to parents, newsletters, social media website, etc. in identifying the school as a Catholic school.

Standards and Performance

The core aim of this committee is to support and challenge the Headteacher in delivering high standards of curriculum and teaching across the school.

The Headteacher should share with this group the School's Positional Statement, which is updated every 6 weeks.

The focus for this group is:

  • Ensuring they have a valid and reliable picture of educational standards for all groups of pupils and students in their schools.
  • Ensuring they know and understand their school's individual data dashboard, positional statement, and progress in relation to actions agreed with the School Improvement Board
  • Ensuring quality curriculum provision and delivery for all groups of pupils and students in line with statutory and Diocesan expectations
  • Ensuring pupil and student achievements are celebrated within the school community and the wider MAC community

People and Resources

The core aim of this committee is to support and challenge the Headteacher to ensure that resources are effectively used and people are given a voice.

The focus for this group is;

  • Staff Experience - staff experiences as professional educators in school/MAC (inclusive of wellbeing, CPD and recognising and celebrating achievements of staff)
  • Monitor the delivery outcomes and operational objectives to ensure; i) staff and students are safe (ie linked to asset management plan and compliance testing) and ii) value for money through economic, efficient and effective use of resources.
  • Initiate the discussion and consider whole school approach to environmental sustainability, encompassing all aspects of school life, learning and management