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Trauma Informed School


Since the competition of the Trauma Informed Practitioner Training, by members of the Senior Leadership Team in January 2020, St Bede’s has continued to develop its pastoral provision and whole school approach so that promoting positive wellbeing and mental health is at the heart of what the school does for its pupils.

In October 2021, all staff received Trauma Informed Training so that they also had the knowledge and skill set to be able to support and encourage positive wellbeing in school. From this, St Bede’s had a Trauma Informed Assessment, and it was from this assessment that St Bede’s achieved its Trauma Informed School status. Below are some positive comments from the report:

  • Promoting positive wellbeing is at the heart of the culture and ethos of the school. This extends to the staff whose wellbeing is promoted successfully. The Catholic values of the school are seamlessly interwoven with the principles underpinning positive mental health. 
  • All staff are aware of the role they play in supporting positive mental health and the ways in which they can influence positively or negatively mental health in others.
  • The school has a range of interventions that it uses to support and promote wellbeing for all students and in particular the most vulnerable students. 
  • Staff wellbeing is a priority in the school and staff feel well-supported and cared for.