Paper plane challenge!

This week’s technology challenge is back to designing and building! Your design brief is to design and make a paper plane which looks good (aesthetic) and also flies a long distance (function). Here are a couple of YouTube videos you could use for your build however you could use any way to make your plane:

Take your time in decorating your plane any way you wish, you could make it relevant in supporting the NHS, or just design it with other things that you enjoy…it is up to you!

If you are able to, take a video of your plane so that we can see how it flies. If there is any way of measuring its flight distance, then do so, but don’t worry if you can’t.

There are two categories of winners for this challenge:

  • Best design
  • Best flyers (does it have a smooth flight path; does it travel a long distance)

Send your pictures or videos to Mr Dickinson, Mrs Wintle or Mrs Hall by Wednesday 6th May.

Good luck!

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