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The DfE and Ofsted define the more able in terms of those whose progress significantly exceeds age related expectations. Exceptionally able pupils are those who have the capacity to achieve or perform at the very highest levels.

From September 2016, the defining terminology used within St Bede’s for more able pupils is ‘Previously Higher Attaining’ (PHA).

At St. Bede’s, we aim to create an environment in which all pupils are encouraged to develop their full potential as individuals, spiritually, mentally and physically.  All pupils, including those with particular gifts or talents, have a right to an education that is suited to their specific needs and abilities.

We strive to offer able pupils challenging and interesting work that stretches and extends their knowledge and skills.  We look for opportunities to recognise and celebrate excellence in all areas of the both the taught curriculum and beyond.  We want to help all our pupils prepare for the modern world by encouraging creativity, skills and critical thought.

We seek to ensure that such pupils are identified within each area of learning and that those pupils then have the opportunity to gain access to experiences that will help to develop their talents in the best possible way.

The school uses a number of strategies to identify ability and monitor achievement and progress. In addition to the use of verified test scores, able pupils are also identified through teacher nomination. When the nominations are received, these are then collated to form registers of PHA pupils, which are communicated to all staff so that the extended needs of the named pupils can be met.

In addition to the thinking skills and extra provision activities, teachers are encouraged to provide PHA pupils with options for deepening their level of study. Providing open-ended tasks that allow pupils to explore a concept in their own way and control their own learning is a clear way to help more able pupils to flourish.

In addition to provision in lessons, we also have a wide and varied programme of activities outside of the timetabled curriculum to help our pupils reach their potential. We also encourage pupils to extend their opportunities further by becoming involved in clubs and activities run by local organisations.

If you have any questions regarding the provision for PHA pupils at St. Bede’s, please contact the Miss James, PHA Lead Teacher, or Mr Russell, the SLT member with responsibility for PHA provision.


PHA Policy 2017

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