On this page there are many links to different revision sites where you will find lots of information, some great activities and some fun games. There are also some powerpoint presentations which tell you more about some of the topics we have been studying.
Just click on the icons next to each description to link directly to the sites and resources.
Try a few out!

Although these sites shouldn’t require any logging in, remember to always check with an adult before you log into any areas. Also, the sites here have been checked- any links outside of these pages have not. So don’t randomly click to pages you don’t know!

The links below are great for both English and Maths revision


BBC Revisewise. This great site has lots of useful information, activities and fun quizzes to test your knowledge.

Education City. Login to the Learning Gateway to access lots of helpful activities and tests to improve your skills.
Woodlands Junior School. This vast site has lots of handy information and activities to test your understanding.
ICKids. An informative site filled with facts about topics learnt in school and questions to test your understanding.
Emaths. To test your knowledge using past SATs questions try out this site.
You Tube. If you want to find a video to help you with a topic from lessons click on this site. Do you know how to use an apostrophe correctly? Search this site for the answer to this question and many more!
BBC Learning Zone Clips. Another useful site where you can watch video clips to help you understand a topic.

The links below are great for English

A very useful Powerpoint Presentation to explain how to use colons and semi-colons.
A Powerpoint to explain some of the important features needed when writing a persuasive text.
Need help writing a good advert? Check this Powerpoint out for some guidance.

This gives some useful advice on how to write a newspaper article and journalistic writing style.

A guide on how to write the perfect story. This interactive resource will explain the different features of a story and guide you through the best way to compose a story of your own.

A useful site with many different interactive games and resources. There’s lots to try here!

This site will guide you through how to write myths and legends, as well as give you the opportunity to watch and read stories written by others.

Gets lots of help here on this BBC site. It covers many aspects of English, including grammar, punctuation and writing tips.


The links below are great for Maths

My Maths. A site you will all have used within school and at home. This is a great site to help you will all the topics in maths.
Transum. A great site to help you practise your times tables. There are also lots of other useful areas too.
Teachers Direct. A site with lots of quizzes to help you practise different maths skills.
Skool. An informative site with facts about topics learnt in lessons and questions to test your understanding.
Channel 4 Learning. If you want to play some games linked to some of the topics you have been studying then take a look at this site.
Topmarks. A vast site which has lots of games and activities to test your understanding. Click on Maths and Key Stage 2 so you can see all the different topic areas.
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