At St Bede’s we actively use iPads across the curriculum to deliver exciting and interactive content to our pupils – this page lists a range of apps which we have deployed in school, and pupils may wish to use at home on any personal devices. Many apps have alternatives for Android or Kindle and other devices – however all those listed are available from the App store for apple devices.

Some apps may be paid for, and it is at the parents discretion to purchase for extra curricular use. St Bede’s cannot provide support for any of these apps.

Music Apps

  • GarageBand
  • smule
  • puppet pals
  • sound drop
  • guitar tuna,

Arts Apps

  • Drawing Box (free)
  • Doodle Buddy (free)
  • Brushes

Maths Apps

  • Math vs zombies – For quick mental recall that gets increasingly difficult
  • King of maths
  • Times tables quiz!
  • Start arithmetic – math drills and times tables

Coding Apps


Kodable is the first step in early programming education for kids 5 and up. Kids learn programming logic, sequence, loops, functions and debugging.

Bee Bot

A wonderful modern interpretation of the classic Bee Bots that have taught many the basics of control (programming by another name!?) This app sets a challenge for pupils to program the Bee Bot to make it to the flower – programming for a desired outcome!

Daisy the Dinosaur

A simple to use programming environment in which pupils can drag and drop command blocks to write a program for Dairy to execute. There are even input blocks for ‘shake’ and ‘touch’ making use of the iPads gyro and touch sensitive screen.


Cargo Bot

An important skill in learning to code is learning to code efficiently. Programs may appear the same from an external perspective when they achieve identical outcomes, but behind the scene in the nitty gritty of the code they may vary greatly in terms of the efficiently of their architecture. This app introduces this concept by challenging the user to write the shortest code possible to complete a set task (the rearrangement of coloured crates using the cargo arm).  Shortening code is accomplished by using ‘loops’ which in themselves are a key feature of coding that pupils need to grasp.


Move the Turtle

This app allows pupils to program the movement of a turtle which draws a path as it moves. Pupils will move on from this to the Logo based apps below to create drawings using the Logo language.

Catholic Life Apps


Has 4 functions:

  • iMissal: Has the full liturgical calendar with the Mass readings of the day and Feasts.  You are able to read them or listen on the go.
  • My Daily Bread: reflect on a particular verse, one for every day of the Year.
  • Prayer book: A comprehensive selection of traditional Catholic prayers
  • Saint A Day: Biographical and devotional material for saints of the Church.


Provides a step by step guide to the Sacrament of Confession.  Includes a personalised Examination of Conscience for each user along with prayers and reflections to use during the Sacrament.

The Pope App:

Provides up to date and live content.  Created by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications with material from the Vatican News Service.  It includes Twitter Feeds, news and the Pope’s Official Calendar and schedule.  Alerts for important events and official speeches/prayers provided to give comprehensive access to all the latest official material.


Includes all the prayers of the Rosary.  Has all 20 Mysteries; Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous. Features include many different styles of beads which can be operated with the left of right hand. There are variations on the traditional way pf praying the Rosary and includes the Fatima Prayer after each Decade and Glory Be, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Litany of Loreto, The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Provides day to day prayers and reflections.  Inspired by the Liturgy of the Hours, features include Morning, Evening and Night Prayer, complete readings for daily Mass and reflections and meditations from the Church Fathers and the Saints both traditional and contemporary.

 YouCat App:

The online and interactive version of the Catholic Catechism for young people the YouCat.  This is an exciting App which is a comprehensive and easy to use study aid for the Catholic Church designed with young people in mind.  It includes opportunities to access interactive question and answer sessions and has the Catechism at your fingertips.

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