Congratulations to Chloe B 5AGA & Mohammed K 6VSU for completing the Nando’s challenge! More E-Praise points coming your way!

Don’t forget to check out next weeks PE Challenge!


It’s that time again to stretch those muscles and do our daily exercise!

This week it’s the Nando’s calorie workout, where each day you will need to choose one of each course (starter, main, side, dessert + drink) and do the exercises at the bottom in order to burn off the calories in your meal! Mr Gallinagh’s meal of choice is Humous + nuts, half chicken, chips + rice, cheesecake and a coke.

The winners this week will be randomly picked from all the pupils that email us there proof of completing it, whether you have written down your daily meal or send us evidence of you doing the challenges!

Good luck!

Mr Stenning

Nandos calorie Workout PE

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