Plastic bottle caps for fundraising appeal:

We would like everyone to know that we are going to start collecting plastic bottle caps. We would like to bring this into our daily routine we will make little bins for bottle caps. This will help with recycling in school and support our Eco School activities.

Why do we need to collect them?

We need plastic caps because it is hoped that 10 TONS of plastic bottle caps will be collected to help raise money for some treatment for a young girl who needs urgent care and support with her medical condition.  Her family are collecting so they can raise funds for the amount of weight they have with the bottle caps from the recycling plant.

Why just the plastic bottle caps and not the bottles themselves?

We are asking for bottle caps because the bottle caps and the plastic bottle are made of different plastics the plastic cap is made out of polypropylene and the bottle is made out of polyethylene terephthalate. The polypropylene is easier at the moment to recycle and can be exchanged for cash.

So, over to you! Get collecting and help reduce, reuse, recycle!

We would like it very much if each class could continue with collecting bottle caps over the next few weeks up until the Summer holidays. We will stop collecting on Friday 19th July.

These can be brought into school and passed to your Form teacher, Mrs Simmons on Reception, Mrs Keggans in the Library or Miss Downes in her Office in Room 8.

Thank you for your support


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