Pupils of the week

These pupils have been selected as they have gone above and beyond or shown outstanding work this week. It is great to see new names that have been included this week.

Each week we will update the list with new names, well done to all those who have been included below. If you have not been included this week, your target is to get on next week’s list! All of us are so impressed with the work we have received so far. Keep it up!

Nicole P 7MDI – her work in Maths has been fantastic, regularly sending in her work to a high standard. Mr Evans.

Layla J 8TOM – She has completed the whole booklet on Islam (about ten lessons with a range of activities) with great detail and understanding. She has worked really hard on this and feel this should be praised. Mrs Poole.

Edward K 7HFA – all the way for Geography! Such good pieces of work. Mrs Miller.

Shay L 8RDE – A fantastic piece of writing which uses style and flair. Mrs Riddell.

Salma Q 8SEV – An outstanding piece of writing that demonstrates sophisticated language techniques. It really reflects her personality and personal style. Mrs Riddell.

Adeena K 7MDI – A consistent great effort every week with all work set. Well done! Mrs Riddell.

Maddison O 6NST – A brilliant improvement in her SPAG. Well done! Mrs Riddell.

Lyla H 5ABA – A consistent and fantastic effort in her English over the past few weeks and her proof reading has improved drastically. Superb! Mrs Riddell.

Hazel C 5CAL – Her fantastic dedication to reading and literature! Well done Hazel. Mrs Riddell.

George H 6AWA – For challenging himself and asking good questions. Mr Newton.

Erin O’M 8ABR – Great work for Tech, experimenting with new recipes. Mrs Wintle.

Oskar G 7MDI – for excellent presentation of his work. Mrs Kelly.

Chloe B 5AGA – for working hard in her maths and knowing when to ask for help. Great independent learning.

Kyla C 8SEV – For her persistence with my riddle of the week; she didn’t give up! Mrs Cullen.

Isabella O 6AWA – for excellence in creative writing.  Isabella produced an exceptional piece of writing based on her reading of ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. Mrs Lynch.

Elena A 6DST – for her conscientious attitude in the consistent submission of high-quality work.

Adeena K 7MDI – Diligent submission of Science work. Miss Horton.

Ciara H 6DST – Completed all French assignments on Teams to a very good standard. Mrs Bourne.

Natalie F 7HFA – Superb effort to keep active whilst at home! Mr Stenning.

Izzy H 8ABR – Has risen to a challenge by completing four 7km bike rides and a gruelling 12km walk, earning a very painful blister! Mrs O’Malley.

Imogen G 6VSU – Fantastic effort with all work set. Mrs Melsom.

Milena K 5AGA – For creating an excellent piece of work in geography to show the physical and human features of a micro journey. Miss Wilde.

Kacper K 5CAL – Congratulations on graduating from the Lexia program. A truly amazing effort👏👏🏆. Mrs Saenger.

Sofia P 5AGA – It is evident Sofia has gone above and beyond in a set task. Mrs Farbrother.

Amelie S 6VSU – Excellent effort in Art and Design. Mrs Farbrother.

Hazel C 5CAL – Fantastic research page in Art and Design. Mrs Farbrother.

Klaudia P 8TOM – Fantastic effort and work in Art. Mrs Farbrother.

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