Pupils of the week

These pupils have been selected as they have gone above and beyond or shown outstanding work from before Easter. Each week we will update the list with new names, well done to all those who have been included below. If you haven’t been included this week, your target is to get on next week’s list! All of us are so impressed with the work we have received so far. Keep it up!

Theo D 5CAL – Outstanding work in both Maths and Art. In Maths, Theo was even showing his Mom how to do long division. Superb work. Mr Evans and Mrs Farbrother.

Daisy H 8RDE – Completing Maths work to a high standard. Mr Evans.

Layla J 8TOM – Excellent effort in English, very impressed. Miss Vokal.

Oiwia G 5ABA – Outstanding effort in maths with her place value. Mr Walton.

Edward K 7HFA- for some great cooking. Curry and Cake! Also, for the effort put into his presentation of the written work to go with it. Mrs Wintle.

Daniel S 5ABA – for his overall effort that he has applied across all his subjects in particular Maths. Mrs Cullen.

Ruby M 5ABA – Excellent effort in her Maths work and trying out all of the extra challenges. Miss Steele.

Sarah-Jane TH 6DST – Excellent work in French, very impressed with the tasks completed. Mrs Bourne

Jessica P 5BCU – For her continued commitment to Computing tasks. Miss Brown.

Francesca M 7MDI – Also for her continued commitment to Computing tasks. Miss Brown.

Lyla H 5ABA – super work in science during working from home – lots of great research in to famous scientists and materials. Mr Bailey.

Ciara H 6DST – she has tried her very best to complete all work on time and has checked in regularly to do all that she was asked to the best of her ability. Mrs Kelly.

Edward K 7HFA – for working so hard on English including some very cool riddles and a lovely shape poem! Mrs Hadfield.

Imogen G 6VSU – for outstanding effort in maths. Mr Newton.

Daniel S 5ABA – for his excellent effort in English, especially practicing his reading comprehension. Miss Wright.

Edward K 7HFA – for his exceptional music performance videos and written work. Miss Eastwood.

Kal R 5CAL – for his commitment to developing his guitar skills at home.

Kacper K 5CAL – for an amazing improvement in Lexia. Moved up 3 levels due to his fantastic efforts. Mrs Saenger.

Ciara H 6DST – who has completed some fantastic work in English every day! Miss Wilde

Shayaan N 6DST – fabulous effort in English. Mrs Melsom.

Alvin J 8JST – for a fantastic effort in his History project. Mrs Riddell.

Milena K 5AGA – For producing some excellent history work. Mr Gallinagh.


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