As you may already be aware, from September 2020, it is compulsory that schools teach relationship, sex, and health education (RSE). Last academic year, St Bede’s became an early adopter and has already implemented changes across the curriculum, and especially in SMVSC, to make sure that we are covering the content that needs to be delivered to our pupils. The changes that we made to our Relationship and Sex Education Policy were sent out to parents last academic year and we invited parents, via forms, to share any feedback on the policy or to discuss any concerns that they had.

I am sharing the policy again, to allow parents, especially our new parents, an opportunity to read through the document and share any feedback or concerns. If you wish to share any feedback or would like to discuss anything further about RSE and health education, please contact the school office either via phone or email.

As mentioned in the Relationship and Sex Education Policy, we use a faith based programme called Ten:Ten to support our delivery of RSE. Parents can login to Ten:Ten to view the resources that we use. To do this, please scroll down to Appendix 2, where you will find the details and the link.

We also have an RSE area on our school website where we will upload any relevant documents about relationship, sex, and health education.

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