This document is our Self Evaluation of our remote education provision. We were encouraged to do this by the DfE. At the end is a planning document that addresses the weaknesses we perceive in our current provision. This is a Live Planning document to support our evaluation and planning:

Plan Remote Education Provision STB 2021

This is an overview that the DfE wanted us to share of our Remote curriculum offer. It’s a summary of the offer for students. This had to be posted by the end of January 2021. This is unlikely to be changed or reviewed as part of our policy process:

STB information to parents Remote Education Jan 2021 Draft

SEND Guidance – The document is designed to support children with SEND. It was produced by the SENDCo and the Senior Leadership team to make clear the support and processes in place for pupils with SEND when receiving remote education. This will be ratified by Academy Representatives and will be reviewed annually. It’s currently in Draft form:

SEND pupils and remote learning March 2021

This is an addendum to our Safeguarding Policy. It outlines how school will support and safeguard staff and pupils during the Lockdown period:

Safeguarding Policy Annex 1 Covid 19 – January 2021 V2 Draft

This document outlines how pupils can access work from home, where you can access resources and support from home, and how to access wellbeing support from school and outside agencies:

St Bedes Working from Home Policy for Pupils

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