Skern Lodge

We understand that now is a difficult time for everyone and that many of you are wondering why we haven’t confirmed cancellation and refund of your child’s residential trip to Skern Lodge.

Unfortunately Skern Lodge have currently not cancelled the trip.  They have offered us alternative dates which are not suitable, primarily because this trip is offered to our year 8s who will be leaving St Bede’s in July.  They have given us the option to cancel but this comes with a cancellation charge of 50% of the trip cost.  Of course, this is not what we wish to happen.  Therefore, we have decided to hold out and wait until the government give further advice at the end of the current 3 week period of isolation.  At this time, we would hope that either the trip will go ahead, Skern Lodge will cancel the trip themselves or we will be able to seek guidance from our insurers with regards cancellation and loss of funds.  We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time and we will be in touch once we receive further information and guidance.


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