Friday 27 May is our next SMSVC day of the year, where we cover elements of the PSHE curriculum. Pupils will need to be in normal school uniform. Below is a brief outline of the topics that will be covered during the day by each year group. The theme for this day is vocations, where we will look at God’s calling and types of work that children feel they are suited to doing.

Throughout the day we will also be having a range of visitors in, during this time they will talk to children about their career. We believe this will be extremely valuable and a chance to ask questions.

Our main objectives for the day are:

  1. To show a range of different sectors- construction, the services, retail creative industry etc.
  2. To increase understanding about career paths
  3. To enthuse them about a potential career and offer them a starting goal

You may wish to have discussions in advance with your children so that they and yourselves have an awareness about what they will be learning. For more detailed information please look at our website curriculum maps for a more thorough outline of what each lesson will entail.

Year 5:

  • Same but different – Understand the similarities and differences between school and work.
  • Skills and qualities – Understanding the skills and qualities needed in the workplace to succeed.
  • Stand up job – Discuss the different skills and qualities needed for a variety of careers.

Year 6:

  • Entrepreneurs – Understand what an entrepreneur is and look at the skills and qualities they possess to become successful.
  • Enterprise task 1 (Design) – To complete a branding design task for an item of their choice.
  • Enterprise task 2 (Advertising) – To produce a TV and print advert for a company and present.

 Year 7:

  • Skills and qualities – Understanding the skills and qualities needed in the workplace to succeed.
  • Problem solving – Children will look at ways to solve problems, working in teams and individually.
  • Money and budgeting – To understand how to budget money and to remove any unessential expenditure.

Year 8:

  • Job family questionnaire – To look at potential careers and their job families.
  • Learn to earn – Learn to Earn motivates students by encouraging them to consider financial plans, set goals and think about their future study options. The programme provides students with a clearer understanding of the routes to jobs and careers that they will find engaging and rewarding. Through hands on practical activities, Learn to Earn explores themes such as personal skills and talents, career choices, recruitment, job interviews, salaries, earnings, tax and the cost of living, financial planning and budgeting

If you have any concerns, please contact the school regarding your query. You can also look at the school website curriculum maps, these have ideas about what you could do with your child. Some links are available on the website and in our safeguarding policy.


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