SMSVC Day – Wednesday 20 October 

Wednesday 20 October is our next SMSVC day of the year, where we include elements of the PSHE curriculum. For this day students will be form based and in normal school uniform. Below is a brief outline of the topics that will be covered during the day by each year group. The theme for this day is relationships, which may include a range of concepts e.g., relationships with others, with themselves and with society. You may wish to have discussions in advance with your children so that they and yourselves have an awareness about what they will be learning. 

 Year 5: 

  • Identifying our talents both academically and through extra-curricular time.
  • Relationships – students will look at what makes a good friend e.g., skills and qualities.
  • Conflict – this session will identify what conflict is and how to deal with it in a mature manner
  • Teamwork – identifying what skills/qualities are needed to make a good team
  • Rights and responsibilities – looking at the rights and responsibilities of children, parents, teachers, and governors.

Year 6: 

  • Identifying our talents both academically and through extra-curricular time.
  • Relationships – how to act in different scenarios
  • National identities – students will look at different nationalities and religions. Comparing them and identifying how everyone is unique.
  • Teamwork – what makes a team and demonstrating this with different activities
  • Marriage – children will look at marriage and the reasons why people get married. They will also cover forced and arranged marriage, identifying the signs and how to get support if needed.

Year 7: 

  • Equality – students will consider recent events and the impact on all lives
  • Media and Body image – students will consider how the media can affect how we portray body image
  • Prejudice – Understanding what this is and why this happens in society.
  • Stereotypes – What a stereotype is and how can we fight stereotyping.

Year 8: 

  • Body Image – how this can be affected and understanding that there are positive and negative body image.
  • Media – how can the media be influential on our lives
  • Self-Harm Awareness – see website curriculum maps for helplines/guidance
  • Family conflict – why conflict at home can happen and look at ways to prevent it.
  • Bullying – students will look at the impact it can have on other’s life.

If you have any concerns, please contact the school regarding your query, but also look at the school website curriculum maps. These include ideas about what you could do with your child and some links which are available on the website. Finally, you may want to have a look at our safeguarding policy. 

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